Located in New York, Ramen Shack is a purveyor of fine authentic Japanese ramen dining from the esteemed Chef Keizo Shimamoto.

Keizo Shimamoto’s Ramen Dreams started everything—he traveled halfway around the globe, from L.A. to Japan, where the history, culture, and craft of ramen was revealed. There, his passion for ramen was also revealed, and he uncovered endless inspiration. In each bowl, Keizo’s love of his craft is found; in each bowl, ramen’s timeless appeal and great potential are revealed. Keizo hand-selects every ingredient and refines every step of the process. As guests slurp, the deceptively simple dish reveals its complexity, evolving as the bowl progresses. Guests lose themselves in experience as they discover great, authentic ramen. In Keizo’s humble Ramen “Shack,” a rich, nuanced, rewarding ramen experience is revealed.



(929) 522-0285



13-13 40th Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101



M 11a–4p
Tu-Sa 11a–8p
Su 11a–7p